- Thien Kim Real

Real Estate Danang
The European Film Festival 2015 will take place at Da Nang’s Le Do Cinema, 46 Tran Phu Street between 16 and 25 May.

This year’s event will feature 13 films which have been produced by 13 different European member countries.  Its purpose is to introduce local movie lovers to the diversified cinematographic culture within Europe.

Different genres of movies will be screened during the festival such as psychological, romantic, action, comedy, documentary and movies for children.  They are expected to bring many interesting experiences to the city’s movie-goers.

During the 10-day event, the 13 movies will be screened as follows:

No Movies Producing countries Date Time
1 Rise up! And Dance! Austria 16-May 7.30pm
2 To See the Sea Czech Republic  17-May 5.30pm
3 The Goat  Bulgaria 17-May 7.30pm
4 One Ireland 18-May 7.30pm
5 Refractaire  Luxembourg 19-May 7.30pm
6 Ida Poland 20-May 7.30pm
7 Candidate Slovakia 21-May 7.30pm
8 From Your Window to Mine Spain 22-May 7.30pm
9 One Day in Europe  Germany 23-May 5.30pm
10 The Disciple  Finland 23-May 7.30pm
11 Finn The Netherlands 24-May 5.30pm
12 Stockholm Stories  Sweden 24-May 7.30pm
13 War Requirem  The UK 25-May 7.30pm

Free tickets are now available from the city's Cinema and Film Distribution Centre, 68 Tran Phu Street, or the Le Do Cinema, 46 Tran Phu Street.